MAFFT :: Multiple Sequence Alignment

Multiple Alignment using Fast Fourier Transform (MAFFT)

version: 7.271

Multiple Alignment using Fast Fourier Transform (MAFFT) is a new multiple sequence alignment program that to generate alignments between three or more sequences.

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About this service:

This service is provided for free for non-commercial research and educational purpose. The MAFFT software was developed by Katoh, et. al. and provided as it is without any modification to the code. Any question/feedback/credit to MAFFT software shall be addressed to the author.

The computation resource for this software is provided by the Academic Grid Malaysia, an open-access computing infrastructure for research and education.

This web application was developed by Ain Azzahra Amran and Nurul Syafiqah Dolmat from Universiti Tenaga National and Muhammad Farhan Sjaugi from Perdana University.