In this six-day workshop, we cover essential bioinformatics topics, such as biological databases and bioinformatics tools, sequence comparison including biological pattern / profile search, molecular phylogeny and 3D stucture visualisation and homology modelling, with hands-on practicals on the theories and concepts covered. This will empower the participants with the foundation necessary to manage and mine the wealth of available biological data to address complex research problems.


Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes from attending the workshop include understanding what is bioinformatics, appreciating its pivotal role in interdisciplinary research, and the ability to perform sequence based bioinformatics analysis.


Who Should Attend?

The workshop is specifically designed for all individuals with both basic molecular biology and basic computer skills; this includes:

(i) students in life sciences (diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate),
(ii) scientists interested in bioinformatics, and 
(iii) industry partners and IT professionals supporting biologists.




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